Anti Aging Tips

I have seen many a womens who want to look young and they have tried several methods. I know my mother who always used to dye her hair and I used to always ask her what is the reason for this. She used to give me the reason that it was to hide her age from outsiders and I always used to think why are they doing so. It is not so difficult for guys as they are not that conscious when somebody comments on their age but when a female is being commented on their age they get conscious and that is how spa baths and facial massages have gained so much importance. Scientists across the world have been involved in researching a method in which they can find methods in order to make sure that their age gets compacted under their skin. The methods are not foolproof as age is something that will show up sooner or later. But some of the tips mentioned below are outcomes of hardwork and lots of research. These herbal juices and teas are tested and have proved to be successful to a great extent. The real key here is to make sure you have healthy diet and good excersise in any form. Small methods like these are also very helpful.

Try these healthy drinks at home. They are easy to make. You just need hot water!

1) Five flower tea – detoxifies and reduces inflammation e.g. acne, skin eruptions

2) American wild ginseng tea – rejuvenates & boosts energy, reduces heat, relieves stress e.g. insomnia. Ideal for modern working women.

3) Chinese rose tea – stimulates appetite, eases menstrual cramps and pain.

4) Rooibos tea – caffeine free, rich in minerals and anti-oxidants. Suitable for young & old. Good source of supplement.

5) Mini Tuo tea – from Yunnan’s superior green tea. Eliminates fat, reduces weight, stimulates metabolism, regulates cholesterol.

6) Green tea – lowers cholesterol, inhibits growth of cancer cells.

I hope these methods mentioned are really helpful.